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The Farm / Oil

The Castello del Trebbio is also synonymous with extra virgin olive oil. 74 hectares of olive groves are home to roughly 10 thousand olive trees composed from three varieties of olives: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino.

Several interconnected factors contribute to the quality of our Tuscan extra virgin olive oil. First and foremost is our almost maniacal attention to detail regarding matching each variety of olive to its ideal environment. Secondly is our constant research and analysis of the best forms of cultivation. Lastly is our careful management of the olive groves, respecting each varietals ideal maturation period before harvesting each cultivar.

Our harvest typically runs from late October to late November, depending on the year’s weather. The Estate owner, Anna Baj Macario, personally selects the harvest time for each varietal. In addition to cultivating her own olives and producing her oil, Anna serves Florence Chamber of Commerce as an official extra virgin olive oil taster.

Harvest and Processing

Our olives are harvested both by hand and pneumatic harvesters. The olives immediately head to the mill to be pressed on the  same day they’re picked. After 48 hours the oil is filtered and begins its storage phase.


Tasting Notes

Our Extra Virgin oil is pure in its limpidity, with a beautiful yellow hue with greenish reflections; the nose is intense and complex with rich vegetal notes. The aromas are reminiscent of almonds in their greenest phase, with thistle and artichoke notes. On the palate, the oil is full and complex with powerful tones of cut grass and a touch of bitter herbs, and a strong spicy touch on the finish.


Varietal Composition

Frantoio 85%
Moraiolo 10%
Leccino 5%





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