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The Castello del Trebbio is also synonymous with pure saffron, which we’ve grown since 2001. After accurate soil analyses and research of the area microclimates, we along with another couple of producers reintroduced this delicate crop after a nearly 300 year hiatus. Today, production is regulated by the consortium Zafferano delle Colline Fiorentine (Florentine Hills Saffron Consortium), an organization that we helped found.

This precious and ancient Asian spice was known first as a dye in Asia Minor and only later used in the kitchen and in medicine. It’s long been intertwined in Tuscany’s traditions, and evidence suggests a Dominican friar first imported saffron as early as the thirteenth century. Early texts and citations suggested that the extreme quality of the spice  produced in these hills was exemplary and one of the best. The production was so good that the spice was referred to as the “Zima of Florence” a sort of DOC or quality guarantee of the day. 

We follow the entire production process here at the Castello del Trebbio. The Crocus Sativus are planted in a new field every other August. When the beautiful purple flowers bloom we collect the precious red stamens. We are then meticulous in our drying and packaging of the crop, which creates a pure saffron, intense and intoxicating.

This precious spice is for sale in our shop on the Castle grounds and each package comes with great recommendations for use and recipes.


Production Saffron Italy