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Activities / Tours and tasting

To truly experience the Castle, you must participate in our tour visiting this historic estate, its beautiful courtyard, and ancient underground cellars.

The Castle

During the hour-long tour (offered in Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Chinese), you’ll experience the Castle’s historic milestones first hand. This history is interwoven with that of Florence and its historic noble banking family the De’ Pazzi, the castle original owners from the 12th century. The Pazzi family’s crest still adorns our courtyard today and was created by one of the true Renaissance masters, Donatello.

Taste our wines

Stepping down into our ancient cellars, entering their doors, you’ll see our magnificent oak barrels, used today for aging our wines.

After this cellar tour, you’ll taste some of our wines paired with small snacks such as “fettunta,” (toasted bread covered in our own extra virgin olive oil), Tuscan salami and Pecorino cheese.

Speaking of olive oil, the basement also houses the former dungeon, which was later used to store the oil in large Terracotta vessels. These are just a few of the Castle’s vestiges from the past you’ll see.

Olive Oil Tour and professional oil tasting

During this guided tour, you’ll stroll through our olive groves learning the different plants and olives. In front of our new mill, you’ll get an explanation about the production and proper storage of the olive oil, and we’ll discuss the classification of the various cultivars. At tour end, you’ll sample our products and learn techniques to recognize what you taste. At the end of it all, quality oil will no longer hold any secrets from you.

Saffron Tour

If you happen to visit in Fall (late October through early November), we recommend visiting our saffron fields, where you’ll see and can try harvesting the Crocus sativus. The stigma of these special flowers is source of our exquisite saffron of the Florentine Hills.



Production Chianti wine