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/ Being BioIntegral

Over the past few years, the Castello del Trebbio BioIntegral agricultural philosophy has synthesized and been utilized in many of our activities. It provides a new standard of ethics in agriculture, which considers environmental protection as a fundamental requirement for the future.

Living well tomorrow means taking decisive action today to protect nature and to allow the regeneration of the resources on which we depend. Through appropriate strategies and tools, we believe we can ensure the continuity of the resources we need, such as clean air and water.

The BioIntegral farmer has a moral obligation to maintain and build on their growing environment in such a way as to pass on a better and healthier ecosystem to the next generation.

The first steps have already been taken at the Castle…

We are moving towards complete autonomy in our energy use. Our latest renovations introduced solar panels, which in time will become our only energy source. We are beginning to reintroduce past farming techniques as well. It’s not by coincidence that our De 'Pazzi and Lastricato  are aged partly in amphorae (terracotta vessels used since Roman times).

BioIntegral is:

  • Integration between man and animal.
  • Limiting human intervention on the planet.
  • Eliminating synthetic chemical inputs.
  • Feeding the soil and not the plant.
  • Utilizing the vitality of the entire ecosystem as your quality index. This means monitoring the vitality of the flora and fauna in the environment, and monitoring fertility levels and the level of organic matter in the soil.
  • Conceiving wine as a natural alcoholic beverage obtained solely from the partial or total fermentation of grapes, without other additives.


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