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About Us / The Castle's History

The Castello del Trebbio boasts a rich and glorious past. Within its austere rooms and halls a piece of Florentine history took place..

The Castle - the nucleus of the estate, and now home to the owners (can be visited by appointment) – was first constructed in 1184 by the noble Florentine banking family called  Pazzi. Although first built in the 12th century, the Castle was enlarged in the following centuries .

At the height of Florence Renaissance in 1478, the Pazzi  family masterminded in these halls the now infamous plot to kill two outstanding representatives of  Florence ruling family, the Medici. With the “Pazzi Conspiracy,” the family - long rivals of the Medici - intended to eliminate Lorenzo de' Medici and so dethrone Florence ruler. Coconspirators with the de’Pazzi family were Pope Sixtus IV, and the enlightened Federico da Montefeltro, then Duke of Urbino. After the failed conspiracy, the Castle was confiscated by the Republic of Florence.

Today, in the Castle nucleus,  the magnificent “Conspiracy Room” can be admired. In homage to the  story of the Conspiracy, we’ve given to our best wines,   names  inspired by this Florentine piece of  history.


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