a triumph of bubbles


Appellation and Name of the wine: Vino Spumante di Qualità Brut Metodo Classico Castello del Trebbio
Grape Varietal: Chardonnay 60%, Trebbiano 40%.
Vineyard surface and produced bottles: 1,5 hectares, 5000 bottles.
Type of soil: medium loam with rocks and limestone, good drenage capacity
Density: 5400 stocks per hectare.
Yield: 9000 kg. grape per hectare.

Pruning system: guyot
Harvest: by hand, in small crates, in order to protect the integrity of the grape berries
Harvest time: second decade of August, in order to guarantee the right acidity and the right alcoholic potential.
Vinification: right after the harvest, grapes get a soft pressing followed by cold decantation for about 36 hours at 10°C. After that, the grape must get decanted and inoculated in order to start the fermentation, which happens in stainless steel tanks at a temperature between 14° and 16°C.
Rifermentation and refining on the yeasts for 30 months.

Liqueur d’expedition: Trebbiano from the terracotta jars.
Color: dark straw yellow, with shades reminding to onion veil.
Perlage: very fine with medium persistence

Tasting notes: the first note of bread crust evolves then towards fruity aromas, especially citrus and yellow-fleshed fruit. Good freshness and sapidity well balanced by a pleasant softness. In the finish is persistent with hint of citrus.

Recommended pairings: Ideal as aperitiv as well as whole meal wine. To try with creamy aperitivs, creamed cod, fried vegetables, risotto and baked fish.
Serving temperature: 6°C-8°C.

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