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Appellation and Name of the wine: Chianti Rufina Riserva DOCG Lastricato 2015 Castello del Trebbio.
Grape Varietal: Sangiovese 100%.
Vineyard surface and produced bottles: 7 hectares, 30.000 bottles.
Type of soil: medium loam with marl matrix.
Year of planting: 1991 and 2000.

Density: 5500 stocks per hectare.
Pruning system: guyot
Yield: 6 clusters per vine.
Harvest: by hand, in small crates
Vinification: after further selection on the table, we continue with de-stemming followed by gentle pressing. Grape must get fermented and vinified mainly in terracotta jars. Fermentations start naturally. Maceration lasts 25 days, followed by malolactic fermentation in terracotta.
Aging and refining: In 10 and 20 Hl oak barrels for 30 months and then 12 months in the bottle.
Aging potential: over 20 years.

Tasting notes: Sangiovese grape shows here all of its power and elegance: fascinating in the nose with a hint of dark cherries and spicies; aging it shows clear and strong notes of balsamic. At the palate shows compact yet soft and well blended tannins and a very pleasant and long finish.

Recommended pairings: pasta dishes with meat ragout, stewed game, grilled meat. After 10 years it becomes a perfect meditation wine.
Serving temperature: 16°C in summer; 18°C in winter.

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