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The Farm / Our production

Just a few kilometers from Florence, located between the Chianti Colli Fiorentini and Chianti Rufina wine zones, stands the Castello del Trebbio, a historic castle and manor not only with a rich and glorious past, but a thriving and traditional farm today.

The estate consists of 350 hectares, 60 of which are dedicated to vineyards. Utilizing both traditional grape varietals and more recently introduced varietals we’re producing excellent wines, which are the fruit of a land exceptionally suited to this type of agriculture.

In addition to wine, the Castle produces extra virgin olive oil, saffron and Spelt (an ancient grain). We also produce unique seasonal jams, and we offer a cosmetics line, created using our own natural ingredients

Our production has its roots in the great agricultural traditions of this territory.

All our products can be purchased in our store, located in one of the former farmhouses on the Castle’s grounds.


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